We believe it is possible to change a self-destructive youth culture, but we need you.

American Character Builders needs help in creating a generation-changing video series for use in school classrooms, church youth groups, and individuals. Similar to the above trailer, these videos will challenge students to consider their actions and think critically about concepts such as bullying, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, and other relevant issues. All of the videos will be free to download and come with additional PDF materials. The above trailer is an example of the quality we expect to produce.

Our ultimate goal is to facilitate the conversation of character in American youth culture. This is where you come in. 

We are currently fundraising for the first video series which will deal with bullying, alcohol, tobacco and other drugs. By taking powerful stories and statistics, we hope to give students a free, engaging, and entertaining resource that challenges them to build their character and rise above the cultural bottom line.

By clicking on the donate button below, you are contributing to a conversation. A conversation that aims to change the lives of youth across America with powerful, engaging, and relevant video content. The youth of America need positive messages, so like the trailer said, “What will you do?”

If you have further questions or am interested in learning more about American Character Builders and this exciting project, visit the Contact Us tab to the left.
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In addition to this "soon-to-be-released" video series, American Character Builders continues to provide printed resources of our four most popular programs:

Alcohol — It's A Killer!
Saying NO to Meth, Marijuana & Cocaine
Tobacco Awareness
The Bully Issue

These kits are already available for a minimal charge and shipping cost.  To view an instructional video showing the kits, click on one of the following:

Overview of American Character Builder Kits for Teachers and School Counselors

Overview of American Character Builder Kits for Church Officials

If several schools in your local district obtain our programs, we will be happy to set up a time to come and train classroom teachers in how to use the kits at no charge to you. However, the kits are easy to use and training, while helpful, is not necessary.

These kits are also suitable for use in churches. Bible studies that accompany each kit are available on a separate CD.  For pricing, call or email us using the following contact information:

2376 Lakeside Drive
Birmingham, AL 35244

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