Black market growers of marijuana destroyed my Colorado retreat
Whenever you listen to or read dialog from the pro-marijuana crowd, they say that legalizing marijuana will make the black market go away. This statement is a blatant lie. Rather, legalizing marijuana invites criminal organizations into your state and allows them to grow pot illegally under the guise of running a legal operation.

I am the owner of a summer home in rural Colorado with beautiful mountain views. In the midst of this beauty, a Chinese group purchased a ten-acre parcel with a house near my home. Within a year, they had cleared a section of the indigenous vegetation, which is so important to the survival of the local wildlife, and illegally grew thousands of marijuana plants.

These marijuana plants are not even native to Colorado or North America; in fact, they had to grow them in plastic pots because the rocky soil would not support their growth. These growers also typically plant only hybrid female plants that produce unnaturally high and toxic levels of THC. Such an operation so close to my home and being manned by illegal Chinese nationals made me and my family feel completely violated and endangered. In fact, this is when I first decided to purchase a firearm for protection, because local law enforcement was at least one hour away.

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